A long overdue update!

Hi Friends and Followers!

So first – I’m not dead! I’ve just been very busy 🙂

Those who enjoyed my novel To Raise a King will be pleased to know I’ve been busy working on the sequel. “To Save a Queen” is taking shape and I’m as eager to complete it as many of you are to receive it. “To Raise a King” was recently nominated on the TCK Reader’s Choice Awards so if you enjoyed the book and wanted to give it a vote please visit: www.tckpublishing.com/readers-choice-voting – You will find “To Raise a King” on page 8 of the book list.

Now – in other news – many of you have enjoyed my series of Scrivener posts. When I’m not writing novels, I’m busy working as a software developer, and recently found that Scrivener can be an ideal tool for developers! Who knew? In the coming weeks I’ll be posting a group of short “How To’s” on using Scrivener as a software design, documentation, and feature tracking tool.

I’ve been using it to:

  • Map Application Flow
  • Database Design
  • Class Definition, Properties and Methods
  • Menus / Toolbar / Navigation
  • Feature and Release Notes
  • Bug Tracking
  • Build Internal Documentation
  • Build PDF / E-Book Documentation for users
  • Build Web Based help pages for users

First post on this will be in a few days! Until then – thanks for reading!



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