Free! To Raise a King (Quick Update)

Hello everyone – this is a quick post to let you know that my novel “To Raise a King” is now available in paperback format:

To Raise a King (The Broken Crown)

To celebrate the launch of the paperback, the kindle edition will be FREE April 4th and 5th only. Don’t miss out! Available here:

To Raise a King (The Broken Crown Book 1)

I’ll be posting a new Scrivener update later this week, and will be starting two new threads:

  • Follow Matt’s journey through Scotland – these posts will include pictures, excerpts from the book, notes of the history, and my own fun experiences as my wife and I traveled through the beauty of Scotland
  • The Book of Myrthinus – those of you familiar with To Raise a King, will have read the excerpts from the Book of Myrthinus that are included as background material to the novel. On these blog pages I will be releasing each excerpt as an individual post, and adding comments to expand on the history

I’m also excited to announce that Book Two is now in production. I aim to release, “To Save a Queen – Book 2 of the Broken Crown” towards the end of the year.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and remember – To get advanced notice for the release of Book 2 – signup to my mailing list

All the best!



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