To Raise a King

Well it’s happened! I finally published a book! So what comes next? Write the sequel I guess or one of the many other stories that have been floating around in my head for a decade and more!

This book has been a long journey for me. I began the story years ago sitting in the back of my Aunt’s car as she took us on one of many scenic drives through Scotland. I watched the most amazing scenery drift by my window and thought what an exciting adventure it would be, to just run-away, and survive in that rugged empty landscape. As we wound our way through the twists and turns of Glen Coe I wrote…Matt ran…

I finished that first chapter – handwritten – and decided to write a second. Over the years life continued to get in the way of completing the book. Other stories took shape, and in my spare time they began to be written, yet the more I wrote the more I felt I had betrayed Matt somehow. He had been left buried alive in an old Scottish burial cairn for decades. He was my first character – his story my first novel. I owed it to him to get him out of that dreadful tomb, back into the sunlight and on with a quest that even I didn’t fully understand at the time.

And so, while  other characters and other stories have sat waiting patiently – part one of Matt’s tale has been completed.

You can find it on the Amazon Store –

Enjoy –



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